A Kiss

Quite a spark strikes when lips meet

Yes, a spark that attaches and binds two

And once it does, it’s hard to disentangle

Rather one falls deeper…

Deeper into the pit uncertain

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And the air changes when two bodies,

Entwined, grow desperate with each contact

Parts get into the rhythm, souls are lost

The desire glows and bursts into devouring lust

It almost becomes a situation unsavable

And what help could there be, if the act is sinful

When minds don’t think, when hands long to explore

Who else can save two souls whose hearts pump hard,

When muscles no longer fight, when fire burns hottest?

Is a will strong enough? Is it?

Some kind of spark kills, when lips meet

Some kind of magic, some kind of spell…

Which carries minds in sway

Which makes me fly away

Battle for green 2

Photo by scribe for love

They cut all that whispers sweet love when the wind blows
They drained all the melody from brooks and streams
They killed all the smoothness of the water that flows
And they ate all that howls and roars when man dreams

See what a waste the world becomes!
When men have short sight and long dreams
Longer than the need to hear screams
Sent from the future to warn us of the danger that comes

Can any feeling compare?
To the romantic massage of soft leaves
That caress our backs as we lie on shades bare
Under trees in the backyard or at the riverside?

Tell me of a better feeling, a better relief..
Than a tree in sight after a long, dry walk
Or the sound of a stream..
After a tiring hike under the sun

Battle for green

Photo fromhttp://scribeforlove.wordpress.com

I saw the light in the night
I saw a group of knights fight
They sought a ray, a hope
To brighten the dim that was turning to dark

They sought to kill a plague
They sought to retain a heritage of cool and green
The beauty and charm not created by man
Yet which man wanted to destroy

For what brings more grief?
Than cutting the hand that fills your belly?
Awake man! Awake!

To be continued…

What if…


what if life was like a man pursued

by an army of unbeatable sure-handed villains

what if arrows shot came like a storm

that no space is left to hide his mortal body

if at a count of each second, one shot hits him

wouldn’t it be easy to die a wounded man?

but, what if…

we have been given, each, an option to heal

a chance to keep running to safety

what if each healing makes our skins tougher

wouldn’t it be a sweet pain of battle?

knowing that it’s a personal choice we make?

to die?

what if life is such a dream

would pain hurt as the joy that comes with healing?

and if we are all made to fight?

wouldn’t dying across the land into our country

be more heroic than dying in the battlefield?

what is life?


I’ll tell you for sure, I once was a keeper of pigs, now I feel like one. Like a trash can unemptied; smelly and annoying.

I will show you once, how I’m filled with waste, all reason is gone; the love, the sorrow… everything. All that remains is regret.

I stay alarmed; my joy is stolen. I think of love, but all I get are tumults of lust; that burn my inside. I’ll tell you for sure, that I have slept with the pastor’s son, that I kissed him the whole night.

You can see that in my world, men are my job, I am their teddy. they hug and kiss, they cannot detach, they stay in love.

You can tell that in my house, men have eaten and enjoyed. They have killed me with pleasure. They have made me moan and mourn.

But of all these things, I have done none.

Even when I was married to my latest crush, when he would get jealous and make sweet love to me as punishment. Even when his romance made me want to evaporate, I was in sorrow.

Yes, the devil got me drunk in my desires, he likes it when I’m turned on. I do too, but my Lord doesn’t. It’s a bitter pursuit of eternal good, I am in the race; handsome men line my path. they spread rose petals and urge me to remove my shoes…

and after that my clothes and my dignity too. they urge me to lie down, to enjoy the massage on my back.

They compel me to fall in, feed me with sweet nectar forever. They tell me virgins use that path often, that none resists.

They come too strong, their love too sweet. they caress the whole of me until I’m almost gone. They flush my insides with sweet nectar but as the glass touches my lips, as the wine seeps and flow deep down, the thorns come in too, filling my joy with pain.


Once a time I play songs,
Songs that once offset my pain,
Pain induced by lack and rejection,
Rejection by fruits of my labour and sweat,
Sweat that dried up my tears and eyes
Eyes that only saw bareness and despair.

Despair flying like an owl, scratching my faith
Faith in myself, faith in my Creator.
The Creator that commanded me to subdue
To subdue all that waylay me on my path to destiny
Destiny unknown, destiny hoped for.

Those songs keep my heart afire.
Let’s play them, let’s burn
Let’s remember the past is just but some ashes
Ashes cold and painless..
Painless to paint a wall white.

Birth of a star

From the deepest locus of the galaxy,
A star was created on a priceless platter
The molder made her heart hot
And the blare became a light that lifts spirits
She designed herself in a fashion as a gem
She shone on skin and never by sin
She cleared all trouble and trailed a path straight
Her voice prevailed in rumbles, so smooth and still
And she was a sight beheld in favour of the Maker
Today she was made,
Let no soul fade.


Looking through the window of the bus that moves so swiftly,
The air squeezing in by the two pores excites.
Like a gulp of cold water on a heated day.
The black clay and cotton soils,
The grass glowing amber against the sunset..
They all conjure up a life back in Mwea.
Where at times as now, the rice fields send sacred scent
Of grown grains ready to be plucked.

The euphobia fences, stocked in lines of unfading green,
An occasional father of a house drunk in Karubu,
Staggering, calling out to his wife to cook him mukimo…
Some long horned cattle cleared from pastures,
And young boys with butttonless shirts running from school
Reminds me of a life I once lived,
A life calm and peaceful, a life stressless.
But a life I wouldn’t go back to.

It reminds me that a dream was once my house, for nothing feels real when I look back
It fills my heart with the urge to tell but still…
Let me take a breath in,
And remember that I’m just from the lake,
That I just drowned a fish or two into my belly.
That I’m in an advanced episode of the same life

When we were

We let the sand cover our faces,
Allowed it to stick on us, leaving traces
We let the sun roast our dark skins,
Making them as precious oil, precious skins
We let the particles glitter in the scorching sun
And our precious jewels showed to every man
Unto every creation, our teeth like gems
Which shone upon light, bursting out like flames
We turned deaf unto all negative claims of men
And looked towards all that points on the bright in us
We killed all rot that spreads by names
We revived all hope in the darkness that reigned
We pulled up a fight between bored and lively,
We decided that the two must part, and part they did
We found life in the desert that dries
We found control in waves that drive
We found clarity in woods confused
We found love in our heartbrokenness…


She said she loved me more than any of the friends she had before, and she said she missed me whenever we had to part of even for a weekend off schedule.

She said her heart ached when I could not keep tight a talk, and that a small prick had kept her bleeding all this while.

She said my silence like a dark blunt blade sheared her skin than a brutal dagger would, that I could at least tell her all I wanted if only to keep her breath awake.

She said a cruise alone made her choose to flee to other souls for comfort; a cruise alone, she flew and shed her tears in another person’s bosom.

She told me we had grown apart, that we were not as close as before. She asked for a visit for a day or some more.

She asked more higher frequency of texts and calls, she asked…

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