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Thought, it’s just a little bend
Or just a blow of the wind,
Yet in all that quake you remained to be..
Some dust on a desert,
Swept away by a wind… swept away.

I closed my eyes to your thorns,
Budded my ears to all warnings.
I stitched your bursts, I replaced your weak seams.
Then in your strength..
In your strength you tore me like paper.
You sketched your dirt on me.
You dimmed my lights.

All I can see is a rose fading
Your beauty bursts into tiny specks
When I admired your petals,
When I felt their smooth…
I can’t forget.
You’re still my rose.


When I found you, I thought..
That the gaps in me would find a fill
When I saw, you I felt a lamp,
A light that burnt.
I heard a love calling,
Like an ecstatic scream…
Reaching to the depths of infinity.
And yes.
I was longing for a yearn..
More than for the one to fulfil it.
Then here you came, uninvited.
You wrecked my soul and rummaged it.
You took my heart and severed it’s veins
Now I’m alone, living by the mercies of love
As the waters flow past,
Then the bugs come and go.
I’ve learned to live in the moment,
I’ve hunter of memories, a killer of hope
I live in the moment
Here in my lone world

Blog recap: REVERSED!

On the day this piece was written, the poet woke up with a million questions, yet she chose to pen just a few…

Oh! What happens to the descendants of Cain?
Who wander the world bearing the pain?
What becomes if those who labour in vain?
Against whom the ground is cursed?

What does the future hold for those,
That the world rejected when it chose,
The people to prosper? Why did it close
the doors before time was past?

Why lose a man to his grief?
Why let him weep alone?
Why watch him choose what’s not chief?
The care fellows show!

The ears close to those who cry
Eyes close to those who try
Mouths shut up answer seekers
Hands freeze to those that need help

Great minds die of sorrow
Hope for us burn in self pity
Those who lie carry the day
The sons of Abel are innocent no more

Pain, please take my tears,
To Him who watches over the years
To the lands that know no fears
Tell Him to have pity on me
And keep a small space for me beside the sea

Blog Recaps; Purely Human

Happy 2020 friends! I had the best crossover ever, I spent it in God’s presence together with the rest of the family. How did you spend yours?

Here’s the second poem on the series “Blog Recap”

So noisy is your immortal soul
So breakable is your ever changing spirit
See your heart, so awesomely large
People stand along paths in awe
Admiring your well formed features
Young children imitate the way you walk
Mothers and wives wish to be like you
Fathers envious of he that sired you
Behind you, so highly of you do girls talk
But why?
Why did you leave in such a hurry?
Or did you run away?
I’m almost sure He meant to
That He was willing to fill your skull
But you left
Though I’m not sure you said goodbye
But if you did, then He gave you a thing
That helps you heal whenever you break
Something that quietens your noisy soul
And prevents you from killing these flies
Which feed from your plate
These that leave you running to that corner office
At the corner of your humble home

Blog Recaps: Friends for Lies

Greetings to my ever loyal readers. I hope your anticipation for 2020 matches mine 😹😹.
Well, I mean my friends are saying its the end or beginning of a decade (I’m not sure) but as the year ends, I would like to reveal a little secret. I have a tendency of wanting to start things from the first square each time I mess up, you know, like deleting sites and opening new ones every time I become inactive 😝😝 (that happened just once). Since these days I’ve learned to live with and embrace (can I use hug instead?) my mistakes, I’d like to feed you with some 25 poems from 2017 to the first half of this dying year. What do you think? One at a day?

The first is one titled Friends for Lies, inspired by some friends I had then.

I see them everyday
Sometimes I stay with them all day
Each time our eyes meet we smile
And eyes dance, light up for a while
However, deep inside…
Deep inside these chests, deeper in their minds,
I see scornful, judgemental no-friends selfs
Gossipy mouths running like machines
Their uneasy lips tired of fake smiles
I feel their unrelenting souls wishing for my leave
I see their eagerness that their partners arrive
So they can collect wax and start weaving.
Their bottles never empty,
Lest their throats crack…
For great is the cursed work,
That these pitiless souls left in my absence.

Love Resonates

Hello, please give me a title for this Poem 🙈

I know you won’t remember…
My lips when you eat a melon,
Nor will you see my face..
When your eyes close for a moment
But you will reminisce the torture of my love
The cruelty in its purity
The ruthlessness of the passion that was

You will say I’m heartless,
Yet my heart was all I put on offer
You will tell them, I have no life
Yet that is what I gave you with each kiss
You have forgotten of my embrace
You have sought gold and dimes.
I know those shine…
But not as much as your eyes…
Every time I sang you a love song


A smile a day when bright,
A hiss when not on sight.
I sailed a boat to the land of promises,
And watched him grin in hope of my love.
Yet it was not to be.. All hugs and kisses
For when he most wanted my lips to have,
I bit his tongue and watched him wail
Yet, a moment after I turn pale
When dead he falls and I swallow hard
For then I know I’ll be cold and sad


Your body is a polished gem,
It’s glow blinds even the blind
Light emanates from your heart,
It radiates a warmth all humans yearn for

Your skin, no flower garden can match
It’s a reflection of the clearest rainbow
Even roses bow as you walk past
And your feet spark.
Leaving behind a million flashes of light

A gaze at you reveals…
Life springing from an ancient rock
Seems like you were made,
With the fullness of a bright dawn

Let Me Make You Cry

Hey sister,
How about a run, or a walk perhaps?
Up the hill to the coolest of the atmosphere.
Perhaps there, your tears will be bound to flow
For I can see clouds in your heart,
Clouds dark and heavy.

Sister, when you see the world from the top,
The towns, the markets, the houses, the gardens…
My dear, you will shed them all.
Your heart will be lifted,
And crystal drops will stream down.

You will cry not because of your pain,
But you will because you will discover
That life is beautiful, that every breath is precious.
You will invent another person in you.
Made of resilience, positivity…
Chastened in determination.

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