Look Out! You’re Dating A Witch.

Men, I have joined your club but only for today. Let’s share your experiences with our kind… You have this girl or girls(shame on you) that you are dating. Whether it’s one or many, I am sure you wish to marry one day and it is your hope that the phrase “happily ever after” willContinue reading “Look Out! You’re Dating A Witch.”

3 Reasons Why: Your Boyfriend Will Leave You Tomorrow.

1. You challenged his ego.Respect is a word that has been overused in recent times. Everyone has their own definition of the word but think about it. Talking to him nicely, cooking for him etc.. That’s all good. However, you missed one weird point. Do you know that treating your man as your equal isContinue reading “3 Reasons Why: Your Boyfriend Will Leave You Tomorrow.”

This is a Relationship Not a Debate

Hey there, I’m writing this to you as a fellow woman and a very caring one at that. I know your friends since high school and your auntie told you that you don’t need to bow to no man and I somehow agree with them because you are a precious creation that should be treatedContinue reading “This is a Relationship Not a Debate”

Relationships and Temperaments (i)

As we earlier discussed in communication and sex, it is evident that any relationship that does not embrace the art of communication is headed downhill. In this post, we shall discuss the importance of temperaments in communication. Did you know that temperaments are hereditary and can therefore not be changed? Now you know. There are fourContinue reading “Relationships and Temperaments (i)”


Words are important and knowing the specific words to use is key to creating the message you want to pass. Women (girlfriends, fiancés, wives) love sweet and spiced words and not only that, they need them on a constant basis! If someone tells me these famous words (“If I could give you one thing inContinue reading “THESE ROMANTIC WORDS WILL MAKE YOUR PARTNER STICK AROUND FOREVER!!”

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