Mama, You Never Taught Me To Love Myself

Not so long ago, I was a small child.I looked up to you, I tagged along.Not too long ago, I was a little girl.And I cried daily over matters of no weight.Yet, you never showed me your tears,Whether you cried in litres, jugs or tanks.Mama, you placed me before your needs.You never told me toContinue reading “Mama, You Never Taught Me To Love Myself”

Yes, We Are Broken

They said that in the mind of every poet,There lies depression, brokenThey said maybe love never felt or a love despised.That these weavers of words are shattered wares.Maybe neglected wives or dishonored husbands. They say that behind every great writer..Is a broken past, a trail of pain.They said writers are lonely and introvertedThat our onlyContinue reading “Yes, We Are Broken”

Reblog: At The Edge of Life, I find You. — Classic Generation©

At the very edge of life, And it’s always near, Our Hearts look for solace. For its always clear, That with all the burgage we bear We are not at Peace. Can never find it. Not even with meditation No, not even within. Within us lives nothing, Maybe wishes And turmoil. O! Lord, We don’t […]Continue reading “Reblog: At The Edge of Life, I find You. — Classic Generation©”

The Heroes of the Kingdom

The heroes of the kingdom,Seekers of peace and happy living.The fighters of freedom…Bleeding red and white for the beauty of the kingdom. The heroes serve the king,Seated high and mighty on his molten gold.He kills and fills and feels.And he wants more of the molten goldSo he sinks and drowns and drinks.Then he sends theContinue reading “The Heroes of the Kingdom”

Reblog: May the Depth of Our Song Be Remembered

May the depth of our song be remembered, as releasing the wings of our spirits while feathers in the wind recall cloud songs, the Earth still mourns for her people, yet the sky whispers for a new day, to awaken. Poetry Copyright © 2021 rivers renewed, music by Mary Youngblood May the Depth of OurContinue reading “Reblog: May the Depth of Our Song Be Remembered”

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