I Moved To A New Website!

Hello,I am sure you are wondering why I got hyped up for three days then left. I have been working on my new website and it’s a little frustrating. So, I didn’t tell you but I hosted my blog on a custom domain. From today, I’ll only be working on (marianadynasty.com) and (https://lifeinwords2.wordpress.com) will beContinue reading “I Moved To A New Website!”

Mama, You Never Taught Me To Love Myself

Not so long ago, I was a small child.I looked up to you, I tagged along.Not too long ago, I was a little girl.And I cried daily over matters of no weight.Yet, you never showed me your tears,Whether you cried in litres, jugs or tanks.Mama, you placed me before your needs.You never told me toContinue reading “Mama, You Never Taught Me To Love Myself”

Why Every African Should Be Rich: Lessons From an African Childhood

There is one unique thing about every person in the dark continent; we all had a Jumanji kind of childhood. Well, if you are in Africa and you have no idea what I’m talking about, it’s either you are a highborn* or you’ve never heard of Jumanji. But come to think of it… Jumanji soundsContinue reading “Why Every African Should Be Rich: Lessons From an African Childhood”

Jamhuri Day: A Few Words About Kenya

If you’ve never heard of Kenya, then you already have, by reading my topic today!!! Better yet, please book a plane ticket and pay a visit to the country, I am sure you will not need a Visa and it’s also really cheap to come and to tour the country for some days. Let meContinue reading “Jamhuri Day: A Few Words About Kenya”

There is A Free Job For Everyone at Surveytime!

Let’s talk money today. As you all know, I have been blogging here on my free plan for three years now. 2020 was a little wake up year for me because I started feeling the need to make money from this site. However, I am not very conversant with online business but I am takingContinue reading “There is A Free Job For Everyone at Surveytime!”

Three Years of Blogging! Thank you Everyone. I love you all.

I honestly did not realize that it has been three years. I thought it’s two, but that may be because I only started getting serious two months ago❀️. Well, you will agree with me that if I had started serious blogging the minute I opened this blog we would be thousands of miles away butContinue reading “Three Years of Blogging! Thank you Everyone. I love you all.”

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