The Writing On The Wall

This is a beautiful poem friends, by David Redpath. Please visit hi site for more.

Can you hear a whisper in the air

with that certain scent the serene

accent of a reality much higher?

Like the clockwork of a Wagnerian

concert upon a flow of celestial

poetry Do you have an ear to hear?

When it comes down to the state of

the heart do you even care? [โ€ฆ]

The Writing On The Wall

16 thoughts on “The Writing On The Wall

  1. Good afternoon Mariana

    I hear the whisper to me
    and past souls

    their smell of all kinds
    in their past
    her life today

    my serenity
    comes into turmoil

    about external and internal
    Superior force
    the clockwork
    from self-obsessed

    the flow of the universe
    his ice-cold hand
    gets through the skin

    from mother earth
    behind the blue sky
    its icy night
    banned for protection for us

    the mills
    of grinding words
    of the songs
    with and without orchestra

    which the simple heart
    for whole days
    delusional against them
    Human dignity
    want to lull

    Reply to: David Redpath

    Best regards
    Hans Gamma

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