Look Out! You’re Dating A Witch.

Men, I have joined your club but only for today. Let’s share your experiences with our kind… You have this girl or girls(shame on you) that you are dating. Whether it’s one or many, I am sure you wish to marry one day and it is your hope that the phrase “happily ever after” will apply. However, do you think that the woman you are with will make a good life partner? Let’s talk about her.

1. If she quarrels with you daily over the smallest things, she throws tantrums and you have to soften up and cool her down, RUN. Partners solve issues by talking it out. If she cannot contain her anger and express her frustrations without keeping the neighbors at rest, she probably doesn’t respect you and she is a little baby witch.

2. Does your girl insist you have to play equal part in all chores around the house? Like, “Johnny, I washed utensils yesterday. Today is your duty. I am just tired of doing everything while you sit your ass on the couch all day.” Johnny go into exile! Just a minute please, I did not say you should sit your ass all day and I never said you must help her. If you are a responsible man, you will know that it’s good to help a woman when you can. You will also know that it is prohibited for a man to stay idle all day. Get out and find something to do. Otherwise, if you are just taking a rest and she’s screaming at you about chores… Get some anointing oil.
She gets jealous at every woman you talk to. Women are naturally jealous beings and I don’t blame us for that because we were created to love. Women are loyal beings and so they feel inadequate or threatened if a man seems to be more happy around another woman. However, there are some extremes to it. We once had a case where a woman killed her fiance’s dog because the two spent too much time together! If her jealousy is uncontainable, she beats up all your female friends and insists on screening your texts, prepare for your burial you may die tomorrow.

Image obtained from Business Mirror

3. She belittles you and disregards all your efforts. Men, I know you love being on top (literally). And it’s really embarrassing when a woman makes you feel stupid. Now imagine she’s naturally controlling then spice it up with the fact that she earns more than you. Bro, you’re a finished wife. Get yourself a wife to marry.

You wish to talk more about it? We can talk more about it. Email me at marionnjiru95@gmail.com and come with a dollar ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

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37 thoughts on “Look Out! You’re Dating A Witch.


    While Waiting; this is What I Do, I:

    โ™ค Cook
    โ™ค Clean
    โ™ค Launder

    …the only thing I Cannot Do that a Lady does is Carry Children to Term; even then, Sadly, some Ladies ARE UnAble to Conceive let alone Carry Children to Term…so I Say let’s Cut OurSelves a Bit of Slack Here instead of Passively or Actively Aggressively Attacking Each Other ALL The Linear Time; what Say YOU!!! Please Speak Up I Can’t Hear What YOU!!! ARE Saying ๐Ÿค” ?…


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  2. There’s a saying that states that ‘It takes one to know one’, i.e. a Witch who can see into a man’s heart? An agony Aunt? A matchmaker?
    I am a SIBYL and I’m told that you are a Dynasty’s SEER Mariana XXX

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