Blind to beauty

  A tremor hijacks my heart, When I behold this art Of green and a shade lighter That nature turns when it's better In this kingdom of great and small, Where needs the light? When night never comes? A happy feeling, some say a joy. Which fills in just by a glance No sorrows lie … Continue reading Blind to beauty

Love bound

Round and round my beauty beauty goes Happening in levels lower and inwards My face attracts both evil and good, So they grow me long enough to appeal source My magnificence overwhelms so And their eyes are blind to my thorns All they think about is passion and care They think romance when they see … Continue reading Love bound


google photos He is more than mixed upSugar and fluid, a perfect blendCream and ice, cold but sweet.He says he's smells like peril,Yes, he's red.. With a flow of white.He flows like snow at springAnd he's more than mixed upGoogle photosHis peril bleeds lovely love,A drop of blood, a trickle of peaceYet he melts just … Continue reading Icy


photo credit Thought, it's just a little bend Or just a blow of the wind, Yet in all that quake you remained to be.. Some dust on a desert, Swept away by a wind... swept away. I closed my eyes to your thorns, Budded my ears to all warnings. I stitched your bursts, I replaced … Continue reading Broken