Battle for green 2

Photo by scribe for love They cut all that whispers sweet love when the wind blows They drained all the melody from brooks and streams They killed all the smoothness of the water that flows And they ate all that howls and roars when man dreams See what a waste the world becomes! When men … Continue reading Battle for green 2


Battle for green

Photo from I saw the light in the night I saw a group of knights fight They sought a ray, a hope To brighten the dim that was turning to dark They sought to kill a plague They sought to retain a heritage of cool and green The beauty and charm not created by man … Continue reading Battle for green


Once a time I play songs, Songs that once offset my pain, Pain induced by lack and rejection, Rejection by fruits of my labour and sweat, Sweat that dried up my tears and eyes Eyes that only saw bareness and despair. Despair.... Despair flying like an owl, scratching my faith Faith in myself, faith in … Continue reading Songs


Looking through the window of the bus that moves so swiftly, The air squeezing in by the two pores excites. Like a gulp of cold water on a heated day. The black clay and cotton soils, The grass glowing amber against the sunset.. They all conjure up a life back in Mwea. Where at times … Continue reading Memories